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回答: 有时间做某事的正确表达应该是:have time to do sth; have time for (doing) sth。不能说have time in sth。例如: I have no time for (having) breakfast (=... have time to have breakfast) 我没有时间吃早餐。 You will have time ...

i hardly have time to do 我几乎没有时间去做(某件事、另外的) i hardly have time doing 我几乎没有时间去做(现在手头的事) “have a good time ”和“have a hard time”后接“doing sth.” 此外包括“have a great time”“have a difficult time...

have time to do sth 有时间做某事 双语对照 例句: 1. Amanda: so that's why you never have time to do anything anymore. 阿曼达:所以这就是你永远没有时间做别的事情的原因。 2. When do these people have time to think? 这些人什么时候...

have time to do something 有时间去做什么事 没有have time doing结构 I have time to read book a while after dinner.晚饭后我有时间读会书。

have a good time doing sth. 【例句】: I hope you will have a good time. 我希望你玩的愉快。 May you have a good time . 祝你们玩得愉快! 参考资料 搜狗:https://www.sogou.com/sogou?query=have%20a%20good%20

have a hard time doing (做某事有困难)相当于:have trouble doing sth. 而"have a hard time to do"是错误的,没有这个表达法。

have no time to do sth 没有时间做某事 用to do sth表示1.经常性习惯性动作2.将要做的事 doing表示此时此刻正发生的事情 i hardly have time to do 我几乎没有时间去做(某件事、另外的) i hardly have time doing 我几乎没有时间去做(现在手...

1、have a good time和have a good day意义都是“玩的开心,过得愉快”,意义基本相近。 2、但是严格说来,二者的差别应该是: ①have a good time可以泛指“(一段时间内)玩的开心”,如 i wish you have a good time during your summer holiday!...

with表示伴随,和什么什么在一起,后面应该接人,不接物.for是用于的意思,接时间这句话的意思是我们有时间做课外活动 . 满意请采纳哦

因为这里no的词性是形容词,要用在名词time前面修饰它,你说的I no have time.是中国式英语,不符合英语语法规则。

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