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CourtEsy titlE是什么汉语

courtesy title 礼貌的称呼 Mrs. " was a courtesy title adopted by Philomena D'Souza when her boyfrienddeserted her just prior to her baby's birth." “太太”是菲洛梅纳·德萨扎给自己的尊称,她的男朋友就在她的婴儿即将出生之际抛弃了她。

方法一: select (case TitleOfCourtesy when 'Ms.' then '女士' when 'Mr.' then '男士' else '' end) as TitleOfCourtesy from dbo.Employees ...

//示例,Northwind数据库,Employee表名,TitleOfCourtesy字段名 //lambda int n1 = en.Employees.Select(em => em.TitleOfCourtesy).Distinct().Count()...

Title:头衔;称号 例子:He was given the title of Marquis. 他被封为侯爵。 courtesy本意 是 1. 礼貌;殷勤,好意 例:He wrote back to her out of courtesy. 他出于礼貌给她写了一封回信。 2. 谦恭有礼的言辞(或举动) 那么这里 Title Of Courte...

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