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CourtEsy oF 什么意思

courtesy of 礼貌 The costumes of the play were supplied by courtesy of Black Brothers.该剧演出的服装是布莱克兄弟公司免费提供的。 Bill did me the courtesy of answering the question.比尔很有礼貌地回答我的问题。 This program comes...

courtesy of you 承蒙你 courtesy of you 承蒙你

courtesy of person 礼貌的人 courtesy of person 礼貌的人

What is a courtesy professor? As it says in the Stanford University Faculty Handbook, for example, "Faculty members often make substantial contributions to departments other than their own, but in ways less formal than would ju...


有礼貌的举止 ;承蒙…介绍、好意 如: Free advertising through the courtesy of the local newspaper. 因当地报纸的慷慨而免费登广告 祝楼主进步! 要是答案还满意的话,记得采纳哦,O(∩_∩)O谢谢~!

这里是courtesy 的用法 在英语中 do sb the courtesy of doing sth 这是个习惯表达法 means being polite enough to do sth for someone 汉语意思是为对某人表示礼貌而做某事。 比尔处于礼貌回答了我的问题

路透社倾情报道。 courtesy---客气,客套,礼节,礼貌

photo courtesy of Bruce Vedder 是很常见的一句话,意思是 此照片承蒙 bruce vedder惠赠 或者 由bruce vedder赠送的照片 uncredited photos 意为 无归属之照片

out of courtesy 客气一点 wrote back to her out of courtesy 翻译过来应该是 很客气的写回信给她 应该是出于好意的写信

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