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CourtEsy oF 什么意思

courtesy of 礼貌 The costumes of the play were supplied by courtesy of Black Brothers.该剧演出的服装是布莱克兄弟公司免费提供的。 Bill did me the courtesy of answering the question.比尔很有礼貌地回答我的问题。 This program comes...


有礼貌的举止 ;承蒙…介绍、好意 如: Free advertising through the courtesy of the local newspaper. 因当地报纸的慷慨而免费登广告 祝楼主进步! 要是答案还满意的话,记得采纳哦,O(∩_∩)O谢谢~!

路透社倾情报道。 courtesy---客气,客套,礼节,礼貌

蒙…允许,蒙…好意赠送(或借用) He was invited into China by courtesy of the government. 他蒙政府特许被邀请到中国大陆。

照片提供者是Andre Lloyd 所以的草图和图片由ASPECT工作室免费提供

out of courtesy 客气一点 wrote back to her out of courtesy 翻译过来应该是 很客气的写回信给她 应该是出于好意的写信

Title:头衔;称号 例子:He was given the title of Marquis. 他被封为侯爵。 courtesy本意 是 1. 礼貌;殷勤,好意 例:He wrote back to her out of courtesy. 他出于礼貌给她写了一封回信。 2. 谦恭有礼的言辞(或举动) 那么这里 Title Of Courte...

歌曲名:Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue (The Angry American) 歌手:Toby Keith 专辑:Unleashed American girls and American guys will always stand up and salute We\'ll always recognize when we see ol\' glory flying There\'s a lo...

Off You Written by Kim Deal Performed by The Breeders Courtesy of Elektra Entertainment Group and 4AD By arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing and Beggars Group Media Limited When You Know You're Gonna Die Wri...

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